Do people really want a new form factor iPhone?

If you read any comments in regards to what people want for the new iPhone, many want a larger screen. In addition, many want a new form factor. Add on to that the new smaller dock connector. Question is, do people really want those changes? This is true especially for previous iPhone 4/4S owners. How many accessories you have right now that are specifically made for the iPhone 4/4S form factor, and the 30-pin dock connector? Do you really want to re-buy almost all those things? I'm sure Apple is okay with that.

What do you think? The iPhone 4/4S are so popular that the magnitude of accessories designed for their form factor is huge. The 30-pin dock connector has been the standard ever since iPods. I wonder how Apple is going to handle the potential complaints from users with "obsolete" accessories. Then again, it's Apple. They do this all the time anyway. Plus, people may actually not mind at all, rebuying all their accessories.