IM experience on iOS

Hi guys!

I'm a heavy IM user. Back in the days when I was a hardcore Android guy I've never thought about IM apps, because I had no problems with any of them. Skype, gTalk or IMO (my client of choice) they all worked fantastically well. Never had any problems with Notifications, or multiple clients receiving (or not) same messages when I was on one of them etc.

Since moving to iOS I strongly feel that IM is its weak spot. I've had little experience with iMessage, because my gf and parents use Android phones. I've tried loads of apps and the best two IM clients on iOS in my opinion are Skype and IMO, the problem with them are as follows:

Skype doesn't understand that I'm at my laptop, so it sends (extremely annoying) notifications to my iPhone with Every Single message i Receive (when it chooses to work), which is ridiculous. Moreover it notifies me everytime I send an IM... why? Even after jailbreaking and deleting the sound files, thus dealing with annoying notification sounds it refuses to properly push messages, and I lose the benefit of being notified by sound when I want to be notified.

IMO has a great web client I love the team behind it, but still, push notifications are hit and miss, even when you get notified, it opens the app fresh most of the time, then you have to wait till it updates the conversations, and only then you get to see your chat, but it's incomplete, because you only see received messages, not sent ones.

Am I the only one having these problems? Should I go back to the nineties and start using SMS? Should I find a girlfriend which does not use Android and try iMessage? Any advice?

I was wondering if I'm missing something, what do you use for your IM needs?