What game had your favorite/most useful AI partner(s)?


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I've been saddled with some pretty useless/frustrating AI partners in the various games i've played. They get in the way, they ninja loot useful items or die stupid, stupid deaths over and over again. Heck, i've actually been known to shoot them myself. But there are exceptions to the rule and once in a blue moon you get to team up with "someone" who's genuinely helpful.

Shockingly (to those who've heard me rant about it) i'm going with Dragon's Dogma. And even tho the pawns don't know the meaning of "shut up" they sure can pull their weight -- last night they opened up such a surprise can of whoopass on an unsuspecting bunch of bandits, i couldn't help but whoop and cheer out loud! Then they picked up the loot for me and we were on our way to more adventures.

Btw, this can also be about which partners were the most fun to have around even if they weren't terribly competent -- Veronica from New Vegas comes to mind. Sure, she could punch a ghoul with that power fist of hers, but it was her company and bits of conversation that to me made her a swell travelling companion.

So what game had your favorite AI pal?