Have an ipad, some things is bugging me.

So I was planning on buying the nexus 7, when they start selling it where I live, but I already have an ipad 2, so I wanted to see if I really needed it.

I haven't used my ipad in a long time, got bored with after a week, and gave it to my brother, since he had more need for it. After half a year break from it, I'm finally giving it a try again, but there are some problems with it.

- You can't type very well with your thumbs, which force me to hold it with one hand, while typing with the other.

- Delay at following finger, is only a minor problem since I know every device on the market suffer from that problem, and the delay aren't that bad on the ipad.

- The way it blur text when scrolling, makes it really frustrating to look at.

- The size. People say that the ipad is better for gaming over the nexus 7 because of its size, why is it people say that? The weight and size is an inconvenient for handheld gaming, so why is it better?

- The ghosting, why has this not been mentioned more, it is pretty bad when just moving around in the app drawer? Is it, because most people don't notice it, or that they are used to it?

-Lags. the way it lags every time you move to search, if you have opened an application, and lag very heavily in gallery, if you have a lot of images.

This leave me with 2 question

1. Am I the only one who get irritated and frustrated by the ghosting, and they way it deal with scrolling of texts?

2. How much of this, is the same for the nexus 7?