Today, Google is expanding its basic search to include Gmail, at least for a small number of "field trial" users. The challenge, Google says, was just as difficult as launching it on the web. The Gmail "corpus" was as large as the web corpus, but also had to be private and secure. Gmail results, like Knowledge Graph results, will appear in a small box on the righthand side. The content won't be shown by default (in case anybody's looking over your shoulder), but you can click "show results" to see more.

Google says that the "field trial" is limited, and users can sign up at It will take "a couple of days" to get your account activated, Google says. It's coming to desktop first, with mobile version rolling out later down the line — it's served under SSL, which Google said was "more difficult" for mobile. It sounds like this won't be limited to Gmail only, either — Google said that Docs, Drive, and Calendar were all on the roadmap for being integrated in


You can also just include the word "Gmail" in your basic search box, and Google will present your email results in a box in the main column — it assumes that "Gmail" means that you're more interested in those results and foregrounds them. If you don't include the word, those results still appear on the righthand side.


Google also demonstrated how the search "my flights" can integrated data and your Gmail information and information from the web. It would know what your flights are, pull the information about the flights from the web, and then present that in a box in the main column.


Update: an earlier version of this story said that it would take "a couple of months" to be included in the field trial instead of "a couple of days," as was corrected during the event. We regret the error.