Name your own price bundled deals don't look like they're going anywhere — certainly not after the success of the Humble Bundle — and now there's a new site called StoryBundle that takes the formula to selling ebooks. Its first package is called the Big Bang Bundle (they're all sci-fi titles), and it comes with five DRM-free ebooks (or seven if you pay more than $7). The files come in .mobi or .epub, and just like Humble Bundle you can donate a percentage to charity and choose how much goes to StoryBundle itself. The book bundles are all from indie writers who are looking to get their names out there — and get a little money, too — and it looks to be a solid alternative from Amazon's Kindle Direct Self-Publishing program. The Big Bang Bundle lasts for another 20 days if you're interested, and, no, you can't choose to pay 1 cent. There's a $1 minimum, though you weren't going to pay less than that, right?