PSA: Do NOT install Windows Essentials 2012 if you use Windows Live Mesh (Update: Replacement found!)

If you still use Windows Live Mesh because of its power over SkyDrive, do NOT install Windows Essentials 2012. It will remove Mesh and replace it with the SkyDrive app. For those who don't know, SkyDrive took the DropBox method of syncing and is just a dumb copy of what's in your cloud. By comparision, Mesh could sync only certain folders anywhere on your machine and didn't require you to use SkyDrive at all to sync between machines.

UPDATE! I have found Cubby as a replacement for Mesh. It's exactly like Mesh: peer-to-peer syncing with no cloud if you don't want it. It is still in beta, so you have to request to get in, but I like it so far!