Microsoft, Intel and OEMs Please Don't Ruin Windows 8 with "value based" pricing...


At B-school I was taught that companies price according to the perceived value of the customer and competition (Of course!). If Windows RT sells around $500, if Intel and OEMs price the x86 tabs at $600+ just because of digitizer support and backward compatibility I think they will screw everything up!

I am quite sure that the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet will cost $600+ (and they will try to justify it with NFC, stylus and Entreprise support). I know that they are saying that they are targeting businesses but all OEMs cannot do the same. The iPad will win the consumers with its app base and screen resolution.

What do you think? I think I will get this tablet (or Asus 810) even at $600 over the Surface because I already have a MacBook Pro for power usage and I need a tablet for portability and pen support.