As much as we like the iPad, one of its greatest strengths is also one of its greatest weaknesses: it lacks a hardware keyboard. On an iPhone, you're mostly typing out texts so we don't mind the software keyboard, but for word processing, the iPad is frustrating, to say the least.

Dozens of companies have taken a shot at producing keyboards for iPad — some of them are part of a hard case, some attach to the iPad as a Smart Cover, and some are simply Bluetooth keyboards you can pair with. We've rounded up one some of the best and most popular options and put them through various trials to find out which ones can actually help you get things done. We'll tell you which ones are worth your money, and which are truly awful.

Note: since all of these keyboards have months of battery life (at a couple hours of usage per day), I don't mention battery life much in my reviews. Also, the WPM criteria is meant to be relative, providing the reader with some measure of how quickly I was able to type on each keyboard. Lastly, I also don't mention function buttons too frequently because they all have them. I do include a "Dedicated Fn buttons" criteria in the chart at the bottom of each review.