The space shuttle Endeavour will be arriving in Los Angeles in a few weeks, and Spaceflight Now has a thorough breakdown of its journey. The spacecraft was recently retired after a 25-year run that saw it traverse some 123 million miles, and will now make its way to the California Science Center (CSC), where it will be on temporary display at the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Display Pavilion — a new space constructed explicitly for this purpose.

But getting Endeavour to its destination won't be an easy task. The shuttle will arrive at Los Angeles International Airport on September 20th. It's scheduled to travel to the CSC on October 11th, as part of a parade winding across the city's streets. To accomodate Endeavour's 78-foot wingspan and six-story height, the city will have to remove power lines, streetlights, and traffic signals, as well as several trees, which will be replaced by a two-to-one ratio. Once it arrives at the pavilion, the shuttle will be on public display beginning October 30th, though the city has plans to eventually move it to a larger space, where it can be displayed with its external fuel tank and twin rocket boosters.