battery issue with Mountain Lion, anyone?

I'm using a mid-2011 13-inch MacBook Pro (2.3GHz, Core i5, 4GB of RAM). Not the best Mac in the market, obviously. But when it was running Lion, the battery lasts for, depending on the activity, 5-7 hours (5 for playing a fair amount of videos, incl. youtube; and 7 for just browsing and writing). Now, it only lasts for as short as 3 hours before it drops below 10%. The battery life has been halved!

Other issues:

  • occasional sluggishness & irresponsiveness with scrolling in the browser, bringing up twitter in Notification Center, sharing by hitting the sharing button, swiping between screens, and so forth
  • excessive heat generated under my palms in a shorter period of time, causing the fans to work harder, as a result of which the battery is drained faster

so...what problems do you have with Mountain Lion that make you start doubting the worthiness of the purchase? I'm eager to know.


This is the latest record of the battery life on my computer. Less than 4 hours. That includes an hour or so of Youtube clips and the rest of the time it's just browsing. I don't like what I'm seeing here.