An alternative reason why iPhone 5 won't have MagSafe

We all have argued about the reasons iPhone 5 won't have MagSafe.
The reasons are:

  • It may be quite expensive to have that type of connector
  • It may take up too much space in the next-gen iPhone
  • It won't be that useful because the iPhone is too light, hence you won't really be able to accidentally trip the cable without puling the iPhone down.

So, in my opinion, an alternative reason is a business strategy. Perhaps MagSafe is seen as a MacBook exclusive and Apple only wants it to be possessed by people who are willing to spend the money on MacBooks. If it were to be available on the iPhone, it will become so mainstream due to the popularity of the iPhone, and people can enjoy MagSafe for the cheap, so MacBook sales could be affected. But who knows it could be the differentiating factor of the iPhone 5. What do you think?