Dear Verge, don't trust random sources! Quad-core Snapdragon Phone? No way

Dear Tom,

The quad core versions of S4 (APQ8064) does not have a cell radio yet. It is not possible for HTC to release a phone with the rumored specs. The best we can get with cell radio is the MSM8960T (Dual Core Krait). Moreover, I would be surprised if HTC releases a phone with the MSM8960T itself because it will also contradict with Qualcomm's public statement that WP will be powered by the S4 Plus family. MSM8960T falls in the S4 Pro family.

So, no quad-core snapdragon and most likely no MSM8960T (Adreno 320) for Windows Phone. I would be the happiest on the planet I am wrong. I hope our WP army tribe aren't building high hopes. Remember what happened to the Nokia ACE rumors (before Lumia's launch). But I believe that even the S4 Plus is good enough to beat the crappy Android experience. Given what MS achieved on the JavaScript sun spider test is only a sample of things to come. I don't care about anything in WP8 except the hope for Whatsapp to work better!!!