The Verge Feature Wish List

This is my wishlist of every single feature I want the Verge to add (I do realize you could be working on some of these, I am just making a list of what I see can be improved).


Edits. I realize people can troll by changing the comment completely, but they could take measures against this. They could make a limited editing window after you post, they can save the previous version and have it viewable, possibly even allow people to vote old versions back. Also, they could limit the amount of charactors you change so you can't significantly change a post in a trolling manner. A lot of people have asked for this

Email Notifications. It really stunts a conversation when you have no idea when people reply to you. I currently have set up an RSS feed for this purpose, but I am no expert on RSS feeds and sometimes it doesn't bring me to the comment, just the page. If it could send E-Mails to your inbox, and then let you reply to reply, recommend, edit, and notify what the poster edited, that would be awesome. Similar to what Disqus has going right now.

Collapsable threads. Sometimes (who am I kidding, very frequently) a thread goes off topic, sparks a war where multiple people post the same arguments to different people on that thread. Collapsable threads is the solution. Having the ability to hide a thread would be amazingly useful. It would help a ton when trying to read a lot of comments when you don't even want to read that specific thread.

User Blocking. This is an odd wish, and one that I am not 100% sure would be really good, but this one is up for more discussion. If you know somebody trolls a lot or there comments are always one liners that are pointless, maybe it would be nice to have a way to hide them automatically (only for you of course) unless they reply to you. I am not sure about this feature, but lets hear in the comments section what you guys think about it.


More The Verge for Mobile. Some things I find kind of irritating. Things like parts of the website not working on mobile, instead requiring you to use the desktop site on a mobile device to see. Forums is one of those. I use mobile a lot. It is very inconvient that I can not see forum posts, search posts, look at my profile, etc... without using a very hard to use desktop site on a 3.5 inch screen (I have not used the app, but maybe adding these features to it instead if it is too difficult when that would be a bigger audience. I am just asking for some way on mobile to access these things).

Better moderation. Pretty standard, just better moderation of trolling, maybe a warning system and maybe even publicly on every comment how many warnings they have and a link to their comment.

I think that is everything. You can comment suggestions and also maybe make an order of what you would like to see first.