Potential evidence for an iPad-related announcement on Sept 12?

Last night at around 9:30pm I received an email from Apple (as I'm sure many of you did) focused on their yearly Back To School promotion: education discount + $100 gift card to the App Store when you buy a new laptop + $50 gift card to the App Store when you buy an iPad. The latter two had asterisks next to them, so I investigated the reason, thinking: why would they attach provisions to the gift cards, but not the educational discount?

It turns out that the gift cards are only acquirable up until the 21st of September - the day the next iPhone is allegedly available according to the rumor mill. This got me thinking - why would Apple stop incentivizing the sale of iPads just because they're launching another iPhone iteration? Unless they aren't launching only an iPhone.

To me, it's weird that the expiration date on the promotion syncs up with the projected release date of the iPhone 5 and conceivably a new member of the iPad family. It would make sense for Apple to push as many 9" Retina iPads as possible using the $50 app gift card as we head into the school year here in the US, before releasing a new product to enjoy the initial sales bump for Sept-Oct and then ride out the holiday rush through Nov-Dec 2012.

While Forbes has reported that there won't be an iPad product line announcement, I still think the connection is suspect. Agree? Disagree? Other factors I've missed?