Shadowrun Online needs your help!

Out of all the great projects to see success with Kickstarter it is a shame to find Shadowrun Online having difficulties. The project has a nice lineup of support from the likes of Tom Dowd, Felicia Day, Pendelton Ward (who will even be a playable character, if funded),Jason Hardy, and actor Jeff Ricketts (whose been hosting several of their video updates). The project shows a lot of promise, especially if you've been a Shadowrun fan for years, and will build on the great international community of players, allowing you to shape changes both in the online game world, and the pen and paper game. If you just splurged on a Ouya, take a look at SO's page since they have already signed on to to support your new platform. Maybe you glossed over it initially, please, go give it another look. Maybe you could care less, also cool, though suggesting it to friends who might be interested would be much appreciated (and also cool).

Cheers guys and gals,

Thank you for your time