Vergecraft 2.0 Poll: Server reset + Factions

Howdy Vergecrafters!

Since my announcement yesterday that we have no plans to reset the server, I've received a boatload of opinions from folks who want to see a change. I've pondered changes to the server for some time, but most have been unfeasible given the sprawling nature of the existing world: Paul and I started Vergecraft with a vision for a small, vanilla Survival Multiplayer server, but our community has exploded beyond our expectations, and we may need some changes to keep the game fresh, fun, and accessible to new players.

Before I begin with the proposal, I want to make something clear: no radical changes will be made immediately, and myself and the server moderators will seriously consider your views on the future of Vergecraft. As you probably know, it's not likely that we will be able to please everyone, but we will look for the best option after having gathered input from players. If any changes are decided on officially, they will be announced well in advance of implementation.

Vergecraft 2.0 Proposal

A fresh start...

+ Factions

One of the most significant problems we've faced since starting Vergecraft is griefing. We've since hacked together a suite of plugins that allow OPs to address the issue, but it's terribly inefficient, and it's too difficult to police the entire server effectively. Fortunately, there's a great plugin called Factions that could virtually eliminate griefing, support optional PVP, formal player alliances, and add much-needed depth to gameplay.

+ Economy

Something Vergecraft players have requested since launch is a formal economy system, and I think it's about time we get around to implementing something. We can easily configure an economy plugin with Factions, and streamline trading in the world. (Note: This is just a possibility. Factions would be a definite addition to Vergecraft 2.0, but an economy plugin can be voted on separately if players decide they want a reset.)

Update: the players have spoken! No economy plugin will be added in any event.

+ A Beautiful, Thoughtfully Designed Capital City

Verge City is wonderful in many respects, but it's also a fairly disorganized mess without much utility. A brand-new server would feature a beautiful, neutral starting city for players with an easy-to-understand layout and a number of perks (like apartment housing for neutral players, banks, transportation hubs, and so on).


There are more possibilities to be explored in a new server, but these three things are probably the biggest potential perks -- and things we can't realistically add to the existing world.

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Note: Poll will run through Sunday, August 12th.

Also please feel free to provide additional thoughts in the comments below.