What do iPhone users think of Windows Phone?

I'm a big Windows Phone enthusiast, my first smartphone was a crappy Samsung Galaxy 5 (AKA Europa) and my experience with Android was the worst. After having that phone, I simply couldn't give Android another try, because I think that if a company really care about its products, even their most simple products are good. Then I had to chose between an iPhone or a Windows Phone, all I wanted was a good, solid experience, and I knew I would get it with one of those phones. Thinking about the price, and also wanting to try something new, I bought a Nokia Lumia 710, I have it for 3 months and I simply love it. I like Windows Phone because it really reminds me of iOS, the OS is very solid, very fluid, I like things like the Zune sync, because I love the iTunes sync on iOS, and all that stuff.

What I want to know is what you, iPhone users, think of Windows Phone. I know that the OS has a lot of limitations when compared to iOS or Android, but I want to know if you would consider buying a WP device (WP7 or WP8), or even consider the Windows Phone over Android phones.

Thanks, guys! I'd love to hear your thoughts!