Leaked iPhone 5 - the beginning of the end?


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The latest months we have been seeing a lot of leaks regarding the new iPhone 5. As it stands Apple will release a new form factor that sports a 4 inch display, headphone jack at the bottom, new smaller connector, front facing camera in the middle and a new back plate out of aluminium and plastic. This is great and all, but why do I feel like the hippie at the bus station screaming at my old buddies in their business suites, "Hey maaaan, what haaaappened to you guys?!".


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So in the midst of all these leaks I still kind of feel cheated out of the good stuff. Don't get me wrong, this is news, and sites like The verge, Engadget and Gizmodo should report on it. And I will probably read it because I can't help my self. No, the issue here is Apple and the apparent new relaxed attitude towards security. We all know what "Doubling down" really means here, right Josh?

Steve Jobs really understood the theatrics of demonstrating a product that no one outside of Apple had seen and then releasing it to the consumer within a month or two. Compare that to other companies that shows you a new piece of hardware on the trade show in some small swedish town and then maybe releases it six months down the road. By that time you have forgotten it and moved on to the next big thing (which is coincidentally also six months away)...

Now, I'm not a raving fanboi here, I like all kinds of technology and I actually have two androids and two iPhones. But these actions speaks volumes about the confidence of a company. I really love the showmanship and spunk if you will when Apple demonstrates a near final product and then releases it to the general public rather then showing a beta prototype six months in advance.

But now with all these leaks I kind of feel cheated of the near christmas like experience of watching the keynote live with all the accompanying "Ooohs" and "Aaaahs". It sort of feels like Apple is run by the same type people who run Sony, Samsung or HTC. Anxious economists who designs by committee and who spends more time doing the numbers then thinking about the soul of the product.

Steve would have gone all thermo nuclear if this happened during his time. He would have changed the factory mid production cycle no matter the cost. He would have brought the ban hammer like a boss! Does Tim Cook even care?

I mean either this is mistake because of the relaxed security, which is bad, or this is a controlled leak because Apple is insecure about this new direction in the iPhone product line, which is also bad.

What do you guys think? Is Apple turning into a nameless corporate wall of anxious "design by committee" bureaucrats?