Be Calm (To Everyone wanting to B!#ch about Ross Miller)

I try as hard as possible to not read the forums of technology blogs (or any site)

But I fail

Then I try to avoid commenting

But again I fail

To be honest I read because for all the trolling and outright provokations, there are genuine bits of interesting information and conversations shared (and occaisonally really funny).

So this is just a response to everyone that feels the need to complain when a writer or blogger harshly critiques something they love aka Windows 8 and Windows RT.


We are in the early days and be honest the product isn't perfect and everything can always be better.

Calm Down

They aren't talking about your mother, its a device and has probably been called far worse (like an iPad).

Mileage Varies

For every person that has a great experience, there is someone else who had a shitty one.

Windows RT is new; this is the first time the NT kernel has been ported to another chipset since its birth. Office 2013 is in Beta and it will have bugs and its ultimate end my still not meet what people expect it should. You can be upset with the review, and disagree with it; but please respect that everyone involved is a professional.