I got an upgrade coming up soon, but then I must keep the phone for 20 months! What to pick? next Nexus? Note II? S III? iPhone5?

I bought my first smartphone last year. It is a Samsung Nexus S 4G on Sprint. It has worked great except that unfortunately the battery life isn't all that great. I have an upgrade coming up, and I'm torn on what to pick because whatever I choose, I must keep it for 20 months before my future upgrade.

I use my phone for surfing the web, taking photos, calls, texting, and some apps such as The Verge, Facebook, and Twitter. I tend not to use gaming apps because they eat the battery like crazy.

What do you guys recommend? I thought the size of the Note was ridiculous until my co-worker showed me his. Web surfing was just amazing on it! But I hear the Note has some clunky parts, such as the inability to turn off GPS location on some apps (eats battery)?

When will we hear more news about the next Nexus? Will it be worth waiting for?

I've always wanted to buy an iPhone, and am thinking about the iPhone 5, but since I will have my next upgrade phone for 20 months, I'm afraid that after one year, I will upgrade to iOS 7 and my phone will be slow as hell. I upgraded my Nexus S 4G from an old version to ICS and I didn't notice any slowdown. I want to have a phone that has Jellybean and will support future Android OS versions.

Also, last but very important point...I want to buy an Android phone but am worried about the future Apple injunctions against Samsung phones....I don't want a shiny new phone only to receive an update that renders it extremely crappy :(

All comments much appreciated!