I would like product comparison tool overhaul


I'm looking for serious alternatives to the iPhone. The product comparison tool is all very well if you know what you're looking for. But the page itself is a mess and its clunky if I'm looking for things i don't.

The prospect of Windows Mobile is so much more exciting than Android, clean simple refreshing design (even if theyre not 100% there yet). How do these cell phones compare to the rest. After all isn't the OS the most important thing in buying a phone?

So..I want to bring up all the best high end windows phones, regardless of manufacturer. - Not possible. Its not like apple with one model in each category. most tech manufacturers shotgun the market with a dozen types of phones etc. What are the important /popular ones? What are the flagships?

Also whilst I'm ranting - I want a Poll feature in the forum - If i want to consult the community of the greatest tech minds this side of silicon valley I don't want them to write individual posts.