So - how do I get this amazing trackpad in Windows?

"What every other PC maker has failed at, Apple nails: the touchpad on the Air works better with Windows 7 than any other Windows laptop on the market."

- Joanna Stern, this very website

If anything, across all of my Air's - but perhaps especially on the 11"s due to the hand position relative to the keyboard - it's basically palm-jump-a-rama, not to mention Mogadon Pointer Syndrome. My experience is directly opposite to Joanna's (who in the past has shown distinct signs of not yet being fully au fait with Windows) - for me it is at this point in time the worst Windows trackpad out there. Even just to start with, the thing they get right in OS X to enable such a large pad not to become a mega-annoyance - the smart palm check that works, unlike some old Windows implementations - appears to be somewhat-to-completely missing in Boot Camp.

Am I missing something apart from just the usual drooling Applefanboi skew? Are there hidden settings? Thanks.