The 7 inch tablet - TIMN

So, I've been watching all the announcements lately, and wondering why I haven't seen any 7 inch tablets around. I get that it's kinda small, but a 1366x768 7 inch tablet would be great for me. Maybe W8 tablets won't be profitable at this price point, or the price would push them out of a reasonable range... but here's my use case, and if anyone else has a similar one, I would be interested to hear it.

I'm a pharmacy student, and I want something small to toss in my white coat pocket. It's great to have drug references with me without having to carry individual books, I have a lot of resources available to me online, and I'm hoping for apps for these resources soon (they are mostly available on android and iOS, nothing of note on WP yet). I wouldn't mind using the websites until apps come along, and I'm not a huge fan of android, and the ipad is way too large to fit in a white coat pocket (although they are pretty big pockets!). Beyond this use, I would want something that I enjoyed using primarily for media consumption. The screen would be a bit small to take advantage of Office (I think), but it could work in a pinch.

Am I dreaming, or does anyone else want a 7 inch windows 8 tablet?