Colorful phones and the WP advantage

So, it looks like we're going to see a lot more colorful phones coming up very soon! I think this plays as a huge advantage for windows phone over android and iOS. Nokia is offering up a variety on both of their new phones (although we will see on the 5th!), HTC seems to have some color on it's new offering... and Samsung is going plain and simple (safe saying that since they have already announced the phone).

I think I like the variety. I'm more of a black phone guy, although if I saw something really tasteful I will jump on it for sure. After the Nokia leak, I'm going lumia 920 when it is released, unless something about it disappoints very obviously, like only 8gb storage with no expansion option, anything that kills it like that. Anyone else excited to see a little color on devices and thinking about moving away from the typical black/white phones for a little flair?