Had a dream I visited The Verge office

I remember driving, it was night time. I live in Minnesota so obviously I won't be driving there any time soon. I got there and parked and there was a line of people outside! Apparently you needed a ticket to get in, and I didn't have one, and apparently you had to get them online beforehand. I was sad. But then a random guy was like hey, you need a ticket? Here you go bro! I was so happy! So we went inside and the architecture was gorgeous. Lots of angled hallways, dim/mood lighting. We went downstairs and there was a huge merch shop! There was a sweet jacket that I wanted with some sort of metal badges on it. The one with 2 badges was like $20, but there was one with like 12 badges on it for $50 or something. For some reason I thought it was the coolest thing ever. But I didn't have enough money for it. I tried it on and it was too big for me anyway.

After this point I think I met some people from the office (it actually didn't resemble anything I've seen in videos of The Verge office) and I told them how awesome the place was. I don't remember leaving. Guess I woke up.

I think we all would love a Verge t-shirt. I know I would. I'm tempted to get the logo screen-printed on a hoodie.

Anyone else had dreams about The Verge?