Lightning Must Not Be Forgotten!



….and he was right.

So what do you think after the new xiii game, aka Lightning's returns, announcement ?

I was pretty excited before and I'm even more now.

First of all, it was the first time I saw such an event from Square so I liked the 4 presentations, with the music in the background.

The 2 last talks ( game play and art ) were the more interesting in my opinion.

Whatever the game will be (rpg or not, action game or not), there is some interesting ideas for the game play (what you do in the game has an impact on the time line, costumes that change the abilities of Light'.

It looks they have recycled some artworks from xiii, but it was expected since they will not restart a new game from scratch.

There is also some references to xiii of course (left is Cocoon's alphabet and right it supposed to be new cocoon's alphabet)



There are also similitudes with some artworks of Oerba ( see the Ultimania books)

And I found funny that the city Novus Partus , with the monorail, looks like Hexseville.

.. just funny



I get scared when I saw the clock because of the puzzles in 13-2



But overall, I really like the idea to have a game focus on Lightning. In xiii we had the party of 6 characters, in xiii-2, the game was more focus on Serah so to conclude this saga ( if this is the last opus) with Lightning which is a strong character, we couldn't expect more.

There is some unknowns :

- music ?

- release date : they mentioned in 2013 but so far we only have seen artwork and some ideas/ schematics of the gameplay.

I guess they will reuse the Crystal Tools engine so the development ( as for xiii-2) should be relatively quick