Which iPad speaker dock?

So I'm pretty late to this as I've never really had much use for a speaker dock.

But the fact that I have so many iPads lying around (they're my Sonos / Crestron remote controls) means that I frequently use'em for casual listening to podcasts, web media, etc and I think it's high time I replaced some of the vanilla docks with speakerdocks.

The JBL Onbeat is looking plausible right now. Onbeat_medium

I have the ability to pipe music to the speakers or the audio system in many rooms but usually for what I'm listening to it's not worth bothering with. I was thinking maybe even just some sort of self-powered speaker jacket - as long as it doesn't turn the iPad into an anchor - which could charge on it's own dock might also be plausible.

I'm not looking for room-shaking, or even particularly room-filling sound - as I said, the mode of listening is primarily things like Podcasts while actually using the iPad for something else, such as having it propped up displaying a PDF document -so I'll have the unit pretty close to me in most circumstances, and I don't want boomy voices echoing across the room. Just something that offers a well behaved sound for close-range listening that's notably better than what the iPad itself offers.

What sez the iSheep?