This has to stop - Low Tone Version

Words cannot express my frustration every time I read a comment of an iFanboy (I say "iFanboy" because I do not think anyone else will take the time to study Apple`s patents so carefully) saying that a lawsuit from Apple is coming in unrelated products posts. I do understand that the editors of this website consider Apple to be the greatest thing invented in America after MacDonald`s Big Mac. But that does not mean that all you have to say about non-Apple toys is bad. Here is my advice: the only thing decent people do when they do not like something is keep their mouth shut and everybody is happy. Companies and their products are called thrash constantly (ironic fact: most of you have never put their hands of the things you hate so much on the comments section), which is really bad from a thousand points of views. The same group of idiots start whining immediately after the post goes live. It is completely conceivable that you behave in a manner that complies with what The Verge has preached from its beginning. Let me say it out loud -- Apple is the only thing you should buy. Again, it`s okay for the staff of this website to love Apple to death, but please, do not make people feel bad about buying non-Apple product.

The other thing that I want to remind you on the same topic of hating others without testing their products, is that this is a tech website, not a court. Nilay`s influence on law and the patent stuff has gone over the top already. As a consequence, there are a lot of people practicing law in the comments section. Law is not a game, you should have respect for that too, and stop talking about what you don`t know, if you have not attended a law school of any sort, I don`t think you are capable of saying the stuff you say, and tell what Apple is going to do or what it can do to Google and their allies, PC makers and pretty much anyone who tries to something that is not Apple. The funny thing is that people who visit tech news websites usually are interested in programming, designing and related fields, but now the law field is included in the bunch of topic of interests. I am pretty sure that Apple has got enough lawyers to defend their products and they do not need your advice. In other words, stop saying lawsuit is coming so often just for trolling purposes.

In conclusion, I would appreciate if you, mostly Apple fans, and some Android fans (they are not so aggressive or irritating as the opposition, though) stop discriminating against others so badly. Nobody is asking for your unnecessary hatred on products they might be interested in buying because they like them, but you keep them away from them talking thrash about something you have never owned. Just shut up, and this website will be a more pleasant place for people who love technology in general. Just stop.

Footnote: This article was revised and edited; the tone was significantly lowered.