Mozilla pulls Firefox Home from the iOS App Store, posts source code to GitHub

I posted my two cents on the issue on Mozillas blog as a comment, which is currently awaiting moderation:

This is kind of a deal breaker for me. I was just about to jump ship from Chrome back to Firefox, but not having this sync ability kills it for me.
I know there are other bookmarking services (Diigo, Xmarks) but what makes Firefox so powerful is their excellent history and bookmark management (including TAGS)! (Also the excellent extension I was using to get intelligent tag suggestions when setting a bookmark.)

When I remember correctly Firefox actually developed a full browser for the iPhone years ago and Apple rejected it because of its then stricter policies on apps that offered similar functionality to Apples stock apps.

But now they have loosened their policies and there are alternative browsers in the App Store (like Chrome).

Alternative iOS browsers are still required to use Apples Webkit because of "security" reasons.
I cannot judge if alternative browser engines would provide superior speed, stability or features, but I think Firefox could accomplish that. When a user knowingly decides to install this browser Apple should not prohibit that.

Furthermore I find Apples behavior disappointing to not allow third party apps to be the default client.

In the future I hope Firefox finds the resources and the encouragement to develop Firefox for iOS to compete with Chrome!

What are your thoughts on that?