At least 180 Kansas City neighborhoods on both sides of the Kansas / Missouri state line have pre-registered for Google's superfast fiber optic internet service since its announcement back in July. According to a post on the official Google Fiber blog, the signups account for more than 89 percent of eligible neighborhoods — referred to by Google as "fiberhoods" — with the service set to be rolled out on a priority basis in order of registration.

The company emphasizes that it is still processing pre-registrations from certain apartment buildings, which may help even more neighborhoods qualify for the scheme — the final list is set to be published on Thursday. Google will be offering a variety of packages to eligible households, including 1,000 Mbps internet access for $70 per month, the same service with a TV package for $120 per month, or completely free internet access at regular speeds, requiring only a one-off $300 construction fee.

Perks to the basic gigabit service include a complete lack of data caps and 1TB of Google Drive cloud storage space, while customers shelling out the full $120 will receive 2TB of local HDD storage and a Nexus 7 tablet to be used as a TV remote. According to the announcement post, neighborhoods that failed to qualify for the service in the first round of registrations will be able to try again in "a future rally sometime next year."