Nokia and the Wow Factor

An analyst on Seeking Alpha wrote a good article about why Nokia was much better off doing a paper launch pre-iphone5 rather than a full launch afterwards despite the stock hit and increased uncertainty.

An excerpt:

"Nokia was looking for the wow factor. It did not get it. But they may have taken the wow factor away from the iPhone5 and that is significant.

Next week, we may find out that Nokia actually got its communication policy right by putting Apple on the defensive.

Whatever the merits of the Lumia 920, launching it after the new iPhone would have reduced it to a me-too product. Apple would have remained the standard that Nokia is trying to emulate. A good effort, but probably not good enough to challenge the real thing.

Now, that narrative has been turned upside down."

Say what you will about the 920's level of innovation, but if the iPhone 5 does not come with features such as wireless charging, an improved touch screen and camera improvements these will ultimately be points of comparison that will be made.

By announcing first, Nokia has succeeded in creating a frame of reference for the iphone launch rather than letting them announce into a "media vacuum".

Whether this frame of reference was initially positive or not is almost besides the point because the specs, features and physical design speak for themselves to some degree, love em or hate em.

As they say, "any publicity is good publicity". So, by way of the "fake pureview" scandal, thousands (millions?) more people now know of the 920 and it's purported motion stabilization feature.

I, for one, will definitely be listening to the iphone 5 announcement with the 920 in mind. I, like many others would have likely much preferred to listen to it with the 920 in hand, but alas, barring a hypothetical two month acceleration of their launch schedule, this was still the much better strategic decision.