Polynauts The Movie: Episode 2 - The Sequel (Boxed)


Morning folks. Welcome back, It is I your host again. I got some news and movies and shows for you folks.

Harold and Kumar are in works with Adult Swim to bring us, yes, a Harold and Kumar cartoon. Think of it like the Clerks cartoon we had. Lets just hope NPH makes a appearance on the show, along with Waffle Bot. There is also a rumore floating around that Dr. Strange might make his film debut in Thor 2.

And for kicks IGN wrote a article on why 80's Kids moives where the best of the best. It's a good read and brings back sooooo many memories.

Now down to business for the week of September the 10th.

Shows of the Week (Fall Preview)

Here is the list of Shows I'll either be watching or looking into. Not the times here are for US so check your listings for times, or for when you may need to download them, if thats your thing.

  • Supernatural (10/3 on The CW at 9pm)
  • Boardwalk Empire (9/16 on HBO at 9pm)
  • Homeland (9/30 on Showtime at 10pm)
  • Dexter (9/30 on Showtime at 9pm)
  • Elementary (American Sherlock, not the good BBC version) ( 9/27 on CBS at 10pm)
  • Revoloution (9/17 on NBC at 10pm) Ideally if you have Hulu or check you can watch the pilot right now.
  • The Walking Dead (10/14 on AMC at 9pm)
  • Sons of Anarchey (9/11 on FX at 10pm)
  • Castle (9/24 on ABC at 10pm)
  • Grimm (Currently Airing, new episodes will resume 9/28 on NBC at 9pm)
  • Parks and Rec (9/20 NBC at 9:30pm)
  • Misfits
  • Arrow (10/10 on The CW at 8pm)
  • Fringe (9/28 on FOX at 9pm)
  • Once Upon a Time (9/28 on ABC at 8pm)
  • Dr. Who (Currently Airing on Sat on BBC America at 9PM)
  • New Girl (9/25 on Fox at 9pm)
  • Last Resort (9/27 on ABC at 8pm)
  • Persons of Interest (9/27 on CBS at 9PM)
  • American Horror Story: Asylum (10/17 on FX at 10pm)
  • Community (10/19 on NBC at 8:30pm)
  • Nikkita (10/19 on The CW at 9pm)

Movies of the Week (And beyond)

Resident Evil is out this week here in the states and for you UK folks the 28th. How many of you are excited to see the further butchering of this game franchise? Come on don't be shy.

So Looper is out in theaters on the 28th. So far I've been hearing good things about it. It would seem JGL is every where this hear. Him and Chris Hemsworth. By this years end Chris will have been in 4 movies one of which has made insane amounts of dough, the other had a chick from Twilight in it and made money the third was a Cabin in some woods, and Red Dawn is finally going to be released this Nov. Speaking of Nov Skyfall will be out that month and judging by the some reports it would seem Sony wants Craig for 5 more Bond films. All I can say is YESSSSS. I'm sorry to any Sean Connery fans but Daniel Craig is a better Bond.

Anyway here is a short list of flicks to check out this fall/winter

  • Dredd - Sept, 21 (US) Spet 7 (UK)

  • Taken 2 - Oct 5 (US) Oct 4 (UK)

  • Silent Hill: Revelation - Oct, 26 (US) Oct 31 (UK)

  • Wreck it Ralph - Nov, 2 (US) Feb 15 2013 (UK)
  • The Man with the Iron Fist - Nov 2 (US), Nov 16 (UK)

Weekend Box office (US)

Results of over the weekend

  • The possession
  • Lawless
  • The Words
  • The Expendables 2
  • The Bourne Legacy

It would also be fair to note the IMAX release of the Indy flicks made 1.7 million. Did any one go check this out? I would have went since I haven't seen Raiders in theaters but I didn't think I would be able to sit trough Crystal Skull or Temple of Doom.

What You Watchin?

Ok So currently I'm playing catch up on Once Upon a Time. I did not think I would like the show as it seemed.... shall I say too cheesy. But oddly enough it works. I mean it is a show about fairly tales so it should be cheesy, right? Either way I can say it's worth a look at. It' not great by any standards but you find yourself hooked before you know it. I also have two movies on the back burnner I need to look at. (Horrible Bosses and Elektra Luxx). Also thanks to the Wee-Bey gifs that have been floating I'm walking back through the garden and re watching The Wire. If you have not yet watched or seen this show do your life a favor and watch. By far it is possibly the best TV show in the history of television. HANDS DOWN.

What about you?

Go Check Out

So here is a few things you should just check out.

There is a trailer for a Brad Pitt movie Killing Them Softly. You should check it out.

Here is also a short film I was shown while in film school. It is possibly my fav short film of all. It's called About a Girl and i HIGHLY recommend you watch it.

There was also this that popped up a few days ago. A Fan made Final Fantasy 7 trailer

And if you have not seen the Scout vs Witch or just want to see it again here it is.

That's all I have for you on this week. See you next week. Also please try to keep Spoilers to a minimum for shows and movies folks have not yet seen. And if you come across any more short films please let me know.

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