Oh no!!!! There's a DESKTOP in Windows RT, please help!!!!!

These tech bloggers are HIL-A-RI-OUS (that is how you spell it isn't it?).

Since when an extra feature has been a thing that you want gone, especially when you dont have to use it if you don't want to.

All these arguments are stupid:

"ohh the customer will be confused on why they can't install legacy apps"

- yeah the same way they are confused on why they can't install Windows apps on OS X and Linux or how they are confused that they can't go to flash sites on an iPad or How they are totally stumped on why they can't use a mouse on an iPad but yet they can use a keyboard. Yeah people are never going to get it.

"They could of made Office in the new Modern UI and you wouldnt need a desktop"

- Ok why don't you use the touch version or whatever other third party app there is and try to do things faster than me on the desktop using basically the same office, I've always used.

"The iPad doesnt have a desktop"

- It also doesn't support Mouse input therefore I will DOMINATE anyone that wants to compete being productive on that thing compared to me using a Windows RT tablet with a mouse.

In the end there's no functionality that you gain by removing the desktop and I'm glad that Microsoft has smarter people that understand that.