Let's have some Polyfun... MBK style.

So the other day I asked what others thought about MBK's. For the most part I love them as they can be fun and outrageous. So I thought it would be fun to drop some MBK's here for you.

So Marry Boff Kill?

1)Kotaku, Gizmodo, io9

2) Dark Souls, Skyrim, Skyward Sword

3) Amazing Spiderman, Dark Knight Rises, Avengers

4) Michael Bay, Uwe Boll, M Knight Shyamalan

5) My Little Pony, Adventure Time, Legend of Korra

6) Steam, PSN, XBL

7) French Toast, Pancakes, Waffles

8) DBZ, Pokemon, One Piece

9) RPGs, RTS's, FPS

10) Batman TAS, X-Men 90's, Gargoyles

My answer

1) Marry io9, Boff Kotaku, Kill Gizmodo

2) Marry Dark Souls, Boff Skyward Sword, Kill Skyrim

3) Marry Avengers (DUH), Boff Spidey, Kill Batman

4) Marry Michael Bay (I love explosions) Boff M Knight, Kill Boll

5) Marry Korra, Boff the Ponies, Kill Adventure Time

6) Marry XBL, Boff Steam, Kill PSN

7) Marry Pancakes, Boff Waffles, Kill French Toast

8) Marry DBZ, Boff Pokemon, Kill One Piece

9) Marry RPGs, Boff FPS, Kill RTS's

10) Marry Batman, Boff Gargoyles, Kill the X-Men

If you come up with some toss them up so we may have funsies with them.