The Polyknights (Guild Wars 2) - Guild Events & Scheduling [09/10]

So you've seen our Recruitment Thread, or any number of announcements sent out by Polyknights members and have been invited to the guild. Welcome!

If you are not a member or simply haven't gotten the game yet, you are welcome to participate in the discussion as any member of the Polygon/TheVergeGaming forums is already an honorary knight. In either case, we hope you will join up soon. (Should you choose to, I refer yet again to the Recruitment Thread)

Many of us are starting to get our bearings straight and itching to do some guild activities. This is the thread for discussing what you'd like to see the guild do, and more importantly what days/times are good for you all.

For updates on scheduling and reminders... Follow us on facebook and/or twitter. We are hoping to have events as soon as this weekend (Sept 15th.)

Some ideas include:
-World Vs World
-Zone Clears
-Attempt to trigger World Events (Shadow Behemoth, etc.)
-Keg Brawl


Attendance is and always will be optional! The goal is to have fun, not necessarily "win." Ventrilo server size permitting, all activities will use Ventrilo for communication. Even if you don't have a mic, please download Ventrilo so you can listen in.