Is Josh Topolosky getting tired of Paul Miller's offline shenanigans?

I think what Paul Miller is doing is pretty noble. I really like his earlier articles about the challenges of being offline considering in an ever increasing online reliant world, and the fact that he is a tech journalist.

I know Josh is the boss and Paul would not have been able to even attempt this without his consent. Having said that I've noticed more and more Josh picking on Paul in the podcasts. The more recent example of this is when Josh said Paul was excused from the last vergecast because "Paul did not know anything". Josh has also suggested "Why don't you get back on the internet". I do wonder if have seen that last of Paul on the Vergecast. Or perhaps even on the verge.

I could see Paul leaving the verge over this. I do feel this "offline" this is very important to him, not just as an experiment, but he has been deeply contemplating the ramifications of "internet addiction" on his personal life. I remember Paul had the courage to leave Engadget during "the AOL way" time which triggered the exodus leading to the creation of the verge.