Windows RT is not an iPad....

Most of the talk surrounding whether Windows RT should have a desktop completely misses this idea.

When Microsoft first announced that Windows 8 would run on ARM, was the FIRST thing Microsoft talked about?

Microsoft Office on a desktop running on ARM...


Since then Ballmer has consistently talked about content consumption as well as productivity.

Still confused?.....

Well to make it crystal clear Microsoft decided to create their own ARM device specifically to show the industry how this vision comes together. Namely Surface RT.

And what was highlighted? It was productivity in typing speeds and two different keyboards one for light typing and the other to get the best typing speeds possible.

Once again they demonstrated Microsoft Office on a desktop running on ARM. This time calling it Windows RT.


The desktop is still the most productive paradigm we have in computing. Not just for creating office documents but for thousands of web applications as well. There is a reason why I'm typing this post on a desktop with a keyboard/touchpad and not a touch screen....

However If you've bought into the idea that 3-400 dollar tablets are only for browsing the web, playing angry birds, and using scaled down simplistic versions of otherwise productive applications. Then you've completely missed the point.

Also if you pick up a Windows RT tablet and think those USB and video ports are only for show. Instead of plugging in a keyboard, mouse, and monitor when you need it. Then once again you've completely missed the point.

Windows RT is not an iPad. It is Windows running on ARM...

Yes today you cannot install other ARM desktop applications. However for most people using Office, Google Docs, etc. It is more than adequate. Windows RT devices will be the perfect solution for those looking for a cheap lightweight alternative to a laptop. Sorry iPad/Android... you're nice, but you're just a supplement not a replacement.

And for the rest of us there are Intel devices or Remote Desktop.