iOS6; Not Good Enough?

One thing that I have read from seemingly every camp is that iOS 6 was a let down. Honestly, I wasn't awfully impressed by it either and I will admit that I get a little bit of an uneasy feeling when Apple touts it as "The Worlds Most Advanced Mobile OS". What I would really like to see in iOS is a move to be more like OSX and possess some of it's capabilities. So I'll recap some of the things that Apple announced then add a few things that I wish they'd add then I would like to read what you guys think.


They look incredible in the demos and turn by turn will be a very welcome addition. The one thing that i'm concerned about is that everyone will be amazed initially by the Flyover feature but the novelty will wear off quick because Apple will never add more cities. Well at least until they come out with iOS 7 and they will tout the addition of more cities as an incredible new feature all the while Google maps every rural town in the US in 3D.


I'm happy to have more functionality in Siri but first and foremost it has to be quicker. I love the idea of setting alarms and playing songs and other casual day to day stuff without going into the phone because I am multitasking. It gets frustrating though when I just give up and stop what I'm doing and go into the device anyways. I won't even use it around friends anymore because,well, it is pretty embarrassing when it comes back with "I'm sorry.. blah.blah", especially if those people are all too zealous owners of another platform.


Politics, nothing really to say about this except "about time".

Shared photo streams:

Why isn't this with photo streams now? Is it that hard to add another destination for the photos? Anyways I like the photo stream because I like to have some of my favorite photos pop up on my Apple TV when i'm not using it. I just wish that there was an option where I could manually add them instead of every photo I take popping up on there unless I remember to delete them from the stream. Sometimes I take photos with my phone that I don't want occasionally floating up on my TV like a photo of the result of a broken garbage disposal that I took to send to my landlord. Pretty disgusting image popped up while friends were over and admiring the photos floating across my TV.


This could be a big deal. Having your plane tix etc. with you at all times is great. Having those things pop up and alert you when you walk into the places that you can use them is awesome. I'm skeptical about NFC wallet features but it isn't like you'd have to upload your card info.


Over Cellular. This is a carrier boundary. Nothing revolutionary within the OS.

Phone Features:

I like it but a minor addition.


Apple should just add attachments to the mail client. I have ways to keep PDFs on my phone now.

The rest is just more iterative stuff. I know that Apple is the kind of company that doesn't want to change that much because they want to make it seem like they got it right the first time. I would really just like to see somewhat of a file system. That website, make that an app and put preview on the phone. I don't like the app switcher. If an app gets more than 5 back i'm obviously not thinking about it but they keep piling up in that stupid queue. Give us a mission control like system that puts a cap to like the last 8 apps and place them all on the screen at once. Notification center doesn't need a ton of widgets but please lets get a wifi controller or maybe put that in the mission control. I know that iOS 6 was announced awhile ago but the iPhone launch is around the corner and discussion is ripe. So let it rip, good or bad just don't be an obvious douche with comments like "get an Android phone".