Is Windows RT the future of Windows or a stop gap?

My guess is that If Intel was further along with their x86 SoC Medfield processor there wouldn't have been a need for Windows RT on ARM. It was the only option Microsoft had to put Windows on a processor fully optimized for mobile devices. But that appears to be changing..

From the looks of it, Intel could eventually be *good enough* to meet the demands for mobile devices while at the same time offer the backwards compatibility for Windows that ARM cannot. Imagine what a future version of Windows Phone would be like if it ran on an x86 SoC. You'd have a next-gen smart phone with the ability to switch to full Windows desktop mode when docked. Think Motorola Atrix but IMO - a thousand times more compelling. The same is true for tablets.. Why would I choose Windows RT on ARM when Windows on Medfield would give me all the same mobile optimized benefits AND the full power of Windows? The answer, of course, is I wouldn't.

So back to the original question - Is Windows RT the future or just a stop gap? My money's on stop gap.