Super premium PC manufacturers

I don't see myself as ever really shifting towards OS X or iOS unless there's some huge convergence and some major reduction of silliness--but one thing that I've always admired about Apple was their design. Macbooks, iMacs, and iPhones all have a strong design ethos that hasn't really been challenged by any PC manufacturer small or large-- at least to my knowledge.

I want to know if perhaps other members of The Tribe knew of companies that exist beyond my periphery where design is king and a true concurment between form and function is met. For example, are there any PC manufacturers that are able to produce laptops with greater specs at a smaller footprint (size, weight, etc.) than a MBP/Air?

I'm well aware of the ultrabook line (Samsung seems to be one of the few real contenders, though), and while their form is certainly appealing, the function aspect isn't there.

Hey, if you're a hardware engineer with great designs and a vision to supersede the design and function of not just the current range of choices, hit me up--I'm down to seed.