Advertising matters more than great products?

Now that the new Lumia range is announced, is it finally time that Microsoft actually gained some attention in the smartphone world? Yes to us who follow technology daily, we are all familiar with the latest and greatest gadgets, but to normal consumers windows phone is still something unheard of. If I asked my friends or family, do you know what windows phone is? The first thing they will ask is "whats that?" and then after explaining, they will ask again "so what is so great about it?". What I am trying to get at is that we all know even if a great product is made it doesn't mean it will be successful, as we can see with the HTC ONE X. The Lumia range has captured our imaginations and hearts with its completely new and innovative design but now it's Nokia's and Microsoft's time to really shine where it arguably matters, advertising and teaching people why this product is the one you should choose above everything else. They need to go all out and capture the emotions of everyday consumers. With the iPhone 5 creeping around the corner it's vital that they deliver on all cylinders.