Desktop /= Desktop apps

Come on guys, it's hardly a difficult concept to grasp.



Desktop app


Sorry to go on about the RT desktop again but it's so frustrating seeing people completely ignore Tom's argument.

Of course there is a need for the Office suite desktop apps, given the lack of Windows 8 versions as such.

What there is no need for is the desktop.

Desktop apps, YES. Desktop, NO.

Likewise file explorer (although ideally a Windows 8 version would be more preferable) or control panel (but again, without a desktop there should be no control panel and anything useful put into Windows 8 PC Settings).

Anything else the desktop offers is not needed on RT at all. Internet Explorer? No. paint, Notepad? No way. The visual desktop? Not at all.

Every argument for the desktop argues that it is needed because people need to use Office and File Explorer etc.

I have yet to see one argument for the desktop, rather than

desktop apps

. Anybody got one?