Leaving the iPhone for Android; is it that time?

I'm sure that many of you are excited for Apple's event tomorrow; I know that I am. However, I don't know if I'm excited enough to get the new iPhone (assuming that all the leaks are real). Here's my problem: I don't mind that the phone has been leaked, I actually prefer that, but what I do mind is that I don't like the leaked designs. I think they look terrible, and to be honest, is a step down from what the 4/4S accomplished in terms of industrial design.

So, as with any other tech dilemma, I came to The Verge forums to see what you guys think. Every day, and I hate to say this, the GS3 just keeps looking more and more appealing. And with CM10 released for it with Jelly Bean, it looks wonderful. I'm torn between the leaked parts of the iPhone and the concrete GS3, but the only problem is that I just don't want an Android device. Don't get me wrong, I love Android and what it brings to the market, but with an iPad and a MacBook Air, I feel that it's best to stick with an iPhone because of my whole iCloud cycle.

Is there anybody else who thinks that the new iPhone leaks are ugly? I just need to make sure that I'm not the only Apple enthusiast that believes this.