Project Pluto

A year ago, I wanted to make a phone with affordable parts with a "high-end" feel. The goal was to make a $250 phone. When looking for parts at the time I found it impossible to provide a great experience for that price, I was still in school, so I put the project to rest.

This week I was looking for parts again, and I believe that a $250 phone with a quality 720p (4.3″) screen and a dual core processor is finally possible. So I am starting this project back up. The reason I am posting here is to get feedback on the last design, and how it can improve.


The next step will be to get parts from china and create a prototype. It will be mostly aluminum and a soft-touch surface for the back. The soft touch surface will be a bit higher than the aluminum to prevent scratches. The final product would be assembled in the US.

Please leave feedback below on how the design can improve. Thanks