Switching ecosystems

I am a Apple fanboy. I own the Apple TV, iPad 2, iPhone 4 and a MacBook Pro. Ive had an iPhone since launch in 2007. I love the design, simplicity and the app market. Plus most everyone I know owns an iPhone.

After seeing the Nokia WP8 event on the 5th I am starting to consider switching ecosystems. I like the design of Windows 8 and WP8. The Nokia hardware is pretty nice too. I know it wont be as nice as the new iPhone. I just feel that with the iPhone being out for as long as it has been the OS design has been very subtle in the updates. Sure its a simple phone to use, even my 2 year old can use it. But im wanting more, im wanting new and im wanting something that will excite me. I am a Apple fanboy, but more than that im a Tech fanboy. I will not switch my Mac, but I am actually considering making the leap to the WP8 W8 tablet.

Im not worried about syncing content because of the surge of cloud options. Also not too worried about the Windows Phone 8 Market. Most of the apps I use and would use are there except for Sparrow and Tweetbot (dammit) and a few others. I am a heavy Xbox user and wouldnt mind the xbox inclusion on the phone. If I were to switch i would lose the Apple TV app remote (which i didnt use that often) the iMessage integration, its nice to type from the Mac and then recieve new messages on my phone.

Anyone else considering switching ecosytems?

I really hope that Apple amazes me tomorrow and I really hope that the OS looks new and fun again.