Help me decide...

Just looking for a few extra opinions really. I've basically settled on getting a new Android phone. I've had a play around on WP7 and I like it but I just feel like Android is more for me. And yes I've tried iOS too, I own an iPod Touch, and I'm just bored of it now - unless Apple unveil something really magic tomorrow.

Just for those wondering my current phone is a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (quite the fucking mouthful). It's a shit phone and I've had it for two years now. Oh and I'm from the UK and I'd only want a contract with a max price of ~£30 p/m

I've been looking around the market and I've narrowed it down to three options and those are...

Option 1: Samsung Galaxy S3 + Nexus 7 + contract with a large data allowance for tethering

Option 2: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Option 3: Other forum suggestion.

Now I really the look of the Note 2 and I've handled an original Note in-store and I really like the feel of it. But I'm impatient so that's why I'm now considering the S3 x Nexus 7 combo. I don't want the HTC One X for those who will immediately suggest that. I would preferably want a Nexus phone I guess but I feel like I'd be far to late to the Galaxy Nexus party and I've heard very little about any new Nexus phone. What would go for in my position? Any other suggestions?