Read this "after" the iPhone Announcement

Ok so tomorrow is the announcement for the "new iPhone". Here is what's going to happen and when the announcement is over come to this thread and tell me that I was right.


- The Announcement will be less interesting than both the iOS 6 and iPad announcements this year. Basically we all know whats coming and shouldn't go crazy over it (just look at features).

- LTE (New Only for the iPhone)

- Big Screen (New Only for the iPhone)

- Different connector (basically all the accessories we have will need some expensive adapter or be completely useless with the new phone, My Bose Dock will not work with it, most likely.

- Software Features, Maybe but nothing special.

- Updated Camera, given that the iPhone 4S camera just got Dominated by the One X, SGIII and Lumia 920, they should announce somthing that will compete.

- Better Headphones, Even though you can buy better headphones these should be way better than those crappy ones they always had.

- Less Glass, That's right it wont be the most fragile phone anymore, that title will belong to one of Samsung's Phones.

- NOT REVOLUTIONARY, Basically the days of revolutionary announcements are over and this will prove that.

In the end it will be an update to bring it to the same playing field as the other phones, so some guy will have less of an argument on why their phone is better.

I've owned every iPhone since they came out and I've never lined up or camped to buy it, but one thing that will stay the same is that people will camp and waste time in line for a phone once more, that will be the day that I will line up to buy something like a phone. If there is a line out the door, then my money will stay where it's at, and I hope some people on this forum have better things to do with their time, cause Time is money.

Comment and tell me I was right.

NOTE: Please don't lash out at me, It's only the truth and I know the truth sometimes hurts.