Is the Surface RT still a good choice?

I don't know, but I think the Surface will not be that good value after seen tablets from Samsung, Asus and Dell, I think it will be more show than go.

If I where to buy a Windows 8 tablet today I will probly pick the Dell XPS 10, I think the concept of a pure dockable tablet is better than a tablet power house with a keyboard, but again, it has the XPS brand on it and I don't think it will be cheap.

Second will be the ASUS Vivo RT mainly because of ASUS track record of ongoing support and fast updates and its proven experience with Tegra 3, I believe they are going for a top notch experience and good pricing.

The surface? I have the feeling that it will be more expensive than the rest, yet, it will not have extended battery on its keyboard dock which is my main gripe really, It will probably not even come with the keyboard and I believe that piece alone will be around 100-150 bucks.

I'm not interested in the x86 line of tablets yet, my wife is a teacher and I belive RT will be more than enough for the type of work she does, we have a pretty powerful desktop already so I don't need a replacement for it. RT is the sweat spot for me currently