To make room for its latest iPhone, Apple has just announced new prices for the rest of the line — and the iPhone 3GS isn't part of the mix. Cupertino followed a similar strategy to what it used last year, with the 16GB iPhone 4S dropping to $99 with a two-year contract, and the 8GB iPhone 4 now available for free when subsidized by a mobile carrier. It's an improved value over last year's price drop, however, when both of the non-flagship models were stuck at 8GB of storage.

Gone from the line-up altogether, however, is the iPhone 3GS. The venerable 3GS was originally introduced way back on June 8th of 2009, making it the iPhone to have spent the longest time in Apple's product line.

As a result, Apple's entire range of iPhones should now be able to run on both GSM and CDMA carriers (the iPhone 3GS was GSM-only). With the likes of Verizon and Sprint now able to offer a free iPhone 4, Apple may see a significant bump in adoption from those customers who haven't wanted to switch carriers or spend $99 to satiate their iPhone curiosity.